The Story of the Seas

I wrote this short story for children of young ages.

Long before, the seas were still and quiet. You could not hear the crashing waves and the sizzling bubbles audible from the oceans today.

There was no life inside or out the seas, and all was still and black.

Then one day, out of nowhere, birds started appearing in the skies, and were flying over and across the seas swiftly.

When birds flew high across, the oceans watched them intensely like an audience trying to figure out the trick to the magic.

Soon after, the oceans were tired of watching the winged animals swooping around tauntingly.

“I want to be a free spirit, too!” cried the motionless seas.

The seas sent many nights upset, and when it noticed the round illuminating moon, smiling brightly at the body of water, the oceans decided to try to ask the happy moon to help them become joyful as well.

The oceans spent half the time watching birds fly, and spent the other half praying to the moon for help.

The oceans did this for decades. One lucky day, the moon heard the seas praying, and decided to assist them.

“I’ll help you. I’ll ask the winds to help you as well,” the moon said eagerly.

The moon attached many strings to parts of the oceans and pulled at them, like a puppeteer.

The winds blew heavily at the seas, making waves spread throughout the ocean.

The seas looked beautiful, like a huge body of silver-rainbow colored scaled fish swimming steadily.

It’s happening! I’m moving! They screamed inside their heads. As the seas felt around their colorful, moving body, they felt beautiful and pure, like a diamond.

Life started being born inside the oceans. The empty oceans started becoming full with creatures from whales and sharks to clams and seaweeds.

The oceans were beautiful inside and out.

The seas leapt up and flew together with the seagulls they had only been able to watch for so long.

“I feel… like the bird’s soul,” whispered the amazed oceans.

Centuries and centuries passed, and the ocean was becoming sick.

“I felt like the bird’s soul, and now I hope this is not how the birds’ souls feel like,” the oceans croaked to the moons and winds.

“We helped you become free,” whispered the moon and winds, “Use those powers.”

“I will,” roared the angry seas. “I will get revenge on those who have hurt me if they continue to do so.”

More centuries passed, and the oceans became more and more ill. They warned the people taking life out of their bodies and endlessly littering with harsh storms, but the actions did not cease.

No matter how hard the winds tried to blow the trash away, more dumps came in.

The moon shined dimly at the sea in sadness, watching its reflection on the sea blackened with pollution.

The winds heard the oceans whispering: “I’m scared for time to pass.”


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