In third grade, I had an idea to write my own autobiography; we were learning about what autobiographies were in class. I wanted to have something to hold onto as a third grader. I remember I titled the book Wow because I wanted to read this book in the future and say, “Wow, I’ve grown so much.” It is so heart-warming to read these again now after more than a decade has passed, and it does make me say “wow.”

page 1

page 2

page 3

page 4

page 5

page 6.png

page 8.png

psge 9.png

page 10.png

page 11.png

page 12.png

page 13.png

page 14.png

page 15.png

page 16

page 17.png

page 18.png

page 19

page 20.png

page 21.png

page 21.png

page 22.png

page 23.png

page 25.png

page 24.png

page 26.png




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